Police brutality and abuse of power is a problem. Police brutality and abuse of power against a specific race is also a problem. You know what else is a problem? Its a problem that when an officer approaches you (and you’re black) you automatically assume that they think you’re up to no good, when most of the time they were called out there by someone who thought you were being suspicious. That means that they are doing their job. When you are found actually doing something illegal, and then you resist arrest because you think they only approached you because you are black, THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT ALRIGHT. Racism is still a problem with some people, but it goes both ways. When a police officer asks you what your name is and what you’re doing, just tell them. Why would you resist and get defensive if you’re not doing anything wrong? 

Now, I know some people are going to say something like,”Well, if i’m not doing anything wrong, and they don’t think I’m doing anything, then why did they even come over here?” Well, for starters, it could be completely random, someone could have asked them to stop you, maybe you fit the description of someone caught on camera and they are just making sure. I have been stopped and stared at by the cops, even when I was doing absolutely nothing. Yeah, it made me feel weird and like I was doing something wrong, but when they did stop me and ask me what I was doing, I told them. No problem, no confrontations, everything ended up okay. I had friends who were black that had the same thing happened to them and again they had no problems and no confrontations.

The reality is, cops do abuse their power, but sometimes when something happens, they were provoked. There are two ways, that I can think of, to fix this:

1. All cops should have to wear a camera on their uniforms. and,

2. People should stop acting like the cop is stopping them because of their race or gender, and just comply with the officers questions.

The video in this article shows you that some cops are just doing their job, and even they think the situation is ridiculous.



Ferguson: “Black Lives Don’t Matter”

Police Car Set On Fire By Ferguson Protesters

Police Car Set On Fire By Ferguson Protesters


It is 2 a.m. and i’m currently sitting on my couch watching CNN (because its the only news channel i could find), and all I can do is think about how destructive these people are being. After only watching this for about 5 minutes these are the events I have heard about:

  • At least a dozen buildings set on fire.
  • At least 150 shots fired (in one place).
  • 29 arrests, so far.
  • An elderly man was carjacked and then ran over.
  • Multiple guns have seized from people.
  • An used car lot was set on fire, but the firemen could not get to it because of the gunfire.
  • The National Guard is having to be brought in.
Protesters In Ferguson

Protesters In Ferguson

These are just to name a few of the things going on in Ferguson and surrounding towns. Not only is this happening is Ferguson, but there are multiple more (peaceful) protests going on across America. Michael Brown’s parents did not want this. This is not they way to react to a shooting of a young man. As the chief of police said, “Change is created through our voice; not the destruction of our community.” Most importantly, if you think that “black lives don’t matter” then you need a reality check. Everyone knows a life is a life regardless of color, and if you think this, but you are going around setting businesses on fire, saying Darren Wilson should die, and overall acting like a raging fucktard, then you really need to grow up and get a grip. And acting like this is not making the case better for people in any way or form, all it is doing is making these people look worse than you guys already think people see you.

Hypocrisy is all I hear when these people talk. I’m not saying that some of these people aren’t out there for the right reasons but most of them are not. These people need to stop trying to make a point, or make history, because most of them are not doing it for the right reason.


A Shout Out To Everyone Who Thinks Racism Is A One-Way Street

*WARNING* There will be graphic language and opinions you will strongly disagree with, it is also a very, very angry rant.


Okay. First of all, I am a white girl who grew up in a middle class home with parents who strongly encouraged us to pursue education and to be non-judgmental. That doesn’t mean that I don’t understand what its like to be poor or that i don’t understand what its like to be constantly judged on your appearance, because guess fucking what? I do. You know what else I understand? Being judged because of the color of my skin. No, my ancestors were not slaves, but even if they were, which they totally might have been, I wouldn’t use that against the color of whoever owned them because I don’t know if you’ve heard but there is no more slavery. Being judged on the color of your skin is not just, “Well he’s black, so i should probably hold my purse closer.” and, “This white guy with his hood over his eyes is really creeping me out. I’ll walk the other way so I don’t get raped.” Being judged on the color of your skin means some opportunities won’t be presented to you, it means people will look at you funny, it means you will automatically be put into a stereotype, and a lot of the time people will be rude to you. Yes, I do understand that black people do get more shit about it, but white people also get a ton of shit too, its just not as out in the open. For instance, if I were to say,”That guy really needs to pull his pants up, its not classy at all.”(About a black guy) People would call me racist and say I’m too judgmental, but on the other hand, if a black person were to say, “Gosh, white people are so stupid. “(Which i totally just made up, but i have heard black people say numerous times.) Could someone please tell me, WHY THE FUCK THIS ISN’T CONSIDERED RACIST? Come on people, the first sentence would be me pointing out a random dude that has his pants so fucking low i can see his junk and his ass, even though i’m not even looking at the color of his skin, because lets be honest, anyone who does that has a big sign on them saying,”LOOK AT ME I’M TRYING TO BE A THUG.” The second sentence on the other hand… Like, what the fuck? If I were to say “Gosh, black people are so stupid.” I would probably get shot in the fucking face by somebody. Also, I absolutely hate having to fucking explain myself to people about how the comment I made was not racist in anyway or form, but black people? Honestly where I live, its like they can say whatever the fuck they want to, no matter how fucking racist it is and get away with it.

Yeah, you guys are probably tired of this rant, but i’m not stopping, and why should I? Another thing is, black people are NOT the only people who get “the look”. Yeah, I’ve gotten that look by both white and black people. Be it because the way i was dressed that day, or how I talk, whatever the reason may have been, I still got that dumb-ass slack-jawed look that makes me want to punch them right in the face. I have also experienced people talking down to me, because I was WHITE. Yeah, they talk to you like they’re better than you, like they have better things to be doing, and its just ever so apparent that they don’t like you because you’re white. So next time you say “white people don’t understand”, and then treat them like shit because they’re white, think about this post.


Social Media in an Antisocial World

I remember when i was about 8 or 9 and all the neighborhood kids would meet up and go exploring in the “forest” behind the house, or play hide-and-seek or tag the span of four different houses, but what about now, only 5 years later? Whenever I go outside, I hardly see anyone. I pass by house after house only to see the outside mostly undisturbed except for maybe a few holiday decorations or yard gnomes, which from a different perspective can be great, but its all about the why. Why are our kids no longer going outside to play? Why are we as people no longer enjoying the quiet, peacefulness of just being outside?

We have become a nation of couch-potatoes to put it simply. We sit down on our recliners with our microwaved food, and turn on the television to relax some. But don’t forget to keep your phone close just in case a friend texts you! Oh, and the laptop, don’t forget that either, you’ll need that to look up something, or get on Facebook to keep up with your social life… right? How have we become a society so focused on social media and keeping up with the latest trends, that we forgot to actually go outside and be social? Hardly do I ever see strangers strike up a conversation in public. Not that people don’t want to, but seriously, how easy is it to approach someone who has their head down staring into a small rectangle of light, oblivious to the outside world. Maybe their not oblivious, but we have turned into a society where it is weird or wrong to be out by yourself without friends, so when you are alone a lot of people feel the need to fiddle with their phone to avoid looking like a “loser”.

I’m here to tell you that it is OK to be by yourself, to be able to sit and think about what is going on in the world, stretch your attention span and just observe the outside world. Next time when you’re sitting in Starbucks, or at the park or even the mall, try reflecting and observing the world around you instead of analyzing every single detail about that picture or status someone just posted and how it was definitely not “on fleek”.

On a side note, fleek is not even a word so stop using it and looking like an illiterate douche.

Blame Barbie All You Want, The Real Problem Is You


Barbies, models, and even Disney princesses are being adjusted by some people to show what they would look like with a “realistic waistline”. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the proportions on these things are so far away from being realistic, but with Disney princesses and Barbies there should be no reason to have to change the waistline, or size of the cartoons legs for young girls to understand that that is not what a normal human being looks like. Models on the other hand, they are almost always photo-shopped to hide the cellulite or the creases or the “ugly, fat parts”.

Models, being that most people perceive them as looking perfect, must look perfect in their pictures. Have you ever noticed that when, in their pictures, they are leaning backwards they have no back fat? How about the way their legs seem to be perfectly shaven and smooth? Or how they always have the perfect tan? That, my friends, is called photo-shop. None of these girls actually look like that, and that is exactly what these people are trying to achieve by showing people that these cartoons and toys are not realistic in proportion. Well here’s the only problem i see with that: young girls are not going to pay attention to the waistline on the princess or that Barbie doll you bought her. What most girls are going to pay attention to is the movie that the princess is playing in and how shes getting all her dreams come true, along with a Prince Charming. And Barbies? Well, I don’t necessarily like Barbies and never have, but if a young girl is paying more attention to the waistline on the Barbie than actually playing with it, then you should talk to her about self-image, and how she perceives herself.

Now, to counter what i just said about most young girls not paying attention to how they look, what happens when they do? Do we blame the creators of the said cartoon/toy? Or maybe we should take away the toy so they can’t see it? Oh, no! I forgot about models, now she will starve herself to look like them! Maybe we should blame the people who edit the photos! Or even better, we can just show her all the overweight models, so she thinks being skinny is bad! Wow, can you feel my sarcasm radiating off the screen yet?

The problem with society is that we blame everyone else for our children’s self-image issues. “Well, maybe if she wasn’t exposed to this or that…” Is all I hear when people talk about self-image issues. Everyone is so scared of being a bad parent/person and being blamed for something, that they put it off on something that may or may not even be the real problem. When your child, student, brother, sister, or even friend comes up to you and talks about how she doesn’t like the way they look, TALK to them about why that is. If they say that it IS because of these unrealistic cartoons and toys, then explain to them that these company’s are NOT wanting to show you what the “perfect girl” looks like, but instead, are just making a cartoon/toy for them enjoy. But most of the time, it comes from a lack of self-confidence. So when they say something about it, make sure to point out all the great things about them. Make sure to tell them that everyone is beautiful, no matter how they look. But most importantly, just talk to them. Be open and honest, tell them if that scarf looks bad or not, or if that color makes them look green. When you are honest, and nice, about these kinds of things they will be able to handle judgement and criticism better, later on in life and they won’t perceive themselves as “ugly” or “too fat” because they will know that they are perfectly fine the way they are. And when everyone finally accepts that we can’t all look the same, and that the problem isn’t these companies its society as a whole, everyone will be much happier being themselves.

The Art of Stillness in an age of distraction

TED Blog


The “T” in TED stands for technology. So it might sound counterintuitive that we would release a book about the need to unplug. 

But we live in a madly accelerating world, where new technologies — for all their benefits — are making our lives more crowded, more chaotic and noisier than ever. There’s never been a greater need to slow down, tune out and give ourselves permission to be still. Thus, our new TED Book: The Art of Stillness by Pico Iyer.

A veteran travel writer who has journeyed from Easter Island to Ethiopia, Cuba to Kathmandu, Iyer may also seem a counterintuitive choice to pen this book on the importance of staying still. After all, his first TED talk explained why he thinks of India, Japan, the UK and the US as different facets of his “home.” But Iyer is an unexpected sage on the topic, and…

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Please Vote Responsibly

your VOTE is your VOICE

your VOTE
is your VOICE

In honor of elections today, i decided to write an article about it. Now before you click off my page because this is about politics (and we all know everyone hates politics), just read at least a few more sentences because i have some important things to say.

First of all, if you are voting today then please, please just think about your choice. When you go to fill out that ballot, pick the candidate you think will be the best in office. Do not pick someone because that’s who your parents or friends are voting for, because in the end you could have been that person that helped the one you wanted to win. And if you don’t vote for them, and the person that doesn’t need to be elected is, you will have to live with the guilt until next elections, knowing that you could have possibly made the lives of everyone you know just a little better.

Secondly, BE SMART. If you don’t like either person, then don’t vote. Yes, it is seriously that simple. Also, don’t vote for the person who doesn’t want to extend medicaid, or anything to do with government assistance. This doesn’t make me a democrat, it makes me smart. I don’t classify myself as that because I’m a 16-year-old, very independent girl who absolutely loves having her own opinion. And my view on this is that whatever money the government has ever gave you, or anything it has helped you with, is government assistance. And if you just so happen to be reading this and you have all the money in the world and have never, ever needed assistance, then get off my page because you would never understand. If anyone wants to stop welfare, then we should do more in depth background checks of the people actually applying for it. I am not for stopping welfare. It is a good thing that helps people stay on their feet when they just lost their job or are looking for a new one. And guess what, when more people can keep their house and clothes on their back, that means way less homeless people out in the freezing cold or hot summer.

As you can tell, the main point here is THINK before you VOTE.

Schools: Keeping us safe or the same?


An ordinary day for a kid in school can be tough. You might think to yourself, “Well, it’s just school. If I did it, so can they.” or, “What can be so bad about school?” Well, i’m here to tell you that its not just school. It’s the place you go everyday from when you’re 5 till you’re 18, and its the place that greatly influences you’re personality, mental and physical health. So, no, its not just anything, its the biggest part of you’re life for twelve years. If you don’t think its a big deal, then you need a wake-up call because if you don’t want our country to go to waste, then we all need to step up and fix our school systems.

Everyday, kids go to school, and in some places, are deprived of their freedom. There are so many rules that our administrators claim are there for our safety, but are just making us go crazy trying to express ourselves. For example, at my previous school, we could not have any “unnatural hair colors”, or body piercings that were not on the ear. Even then you could not have gauges, and your earrings could not be too big, otherwise it was a “distraction” and you would be sent to the principals office and could possibly have In-School Suspension.

Not only can you not express yourself freely, but you also couldn’t wear certain shoes/jewelry because they could be used as weapons and backpacks were not allowed because you could be carrying a weapon inside the bag. Pens, pencils, staplers, hole-punchers, laptops, laptop cases, headbands, necklaces, binders, desks. Why am I listing all these random objects you may ask? Well, when you want to look at it as “trying to keep us safe”, then all these things should be banned from school. Every. Single. One. Of these items could be used as a weapon, or to conceal one.

My point is, we know you’re trying to keep us safe but depriving us of these freedoms and then claiming that its “for our safety” or “preparing us for college” is a bunch of bullshit. At college, your dress can come above the knees, you hair can be neon pink and bright blue, and you can have gauges the size of Texas. You can carry backpacks, purses bigger than a sheet of paper, gym bags, or laptop cases. No teacher at college is going to stop you assuming that because you are wearing a jacket, or have a backpack, you are carrying a weapon unless you give them reason to.

While you may think these rules are good for kids, they are actually bad. Just think about it from our perspective. Our brains are still growing, and that means we need room for creativity and learning, but when you put us in a situation where we have to think the same then there is no room for growing. What good are we as a society, if no one grows mentally? What good are we if we are not changing, and remain stagnant? We are supposed to be teaching our kids to form their own opinion, and be open to change, but our school systems are doing just the opposite by not giving their students the freedom to express themselves.

“Equality For All (Enter race, sex, or sexual orientation here)”

Join hands for peace.

Join hands for peace.

Let me start off by saying this: equality for a group of people, does not mean their social status should be “higher up the ladder” than anyone else. Equality, by definition, means, “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.“; and if you don’t know what equal means, it is when “a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality.” You learn something new everyday!

Now that we got that out of the way, on to the issue. I just read an article about “Straight Pride” and why homosexuals are furious about it. Now i’m not saying every single gay person in the world is angry about this, but the select few who are, shouldn’t be. Many people who are homosexual, feminist, and yes even African Americans, claim to be proud of their orientation, but they also go on to say that their definition of proud is drastically different than whites, males, or people who are straight. Why is it that when you have gay pride you are strong and showing your individuality, but when you’re proud to be straight you’re prejudiced? And what about how black people can say ‘Black Pride’, and it be them overcoming their ancestors past, but white pride is racist and hateful? Tell me why it is that feminists can be proud of themselves for being hateful to men, but men can’t be proud of the sex they were born with? Tell me why in the end of 2014 we have not yet stopped being prejudiced of someone with qualities that they were born with.

I may not understand being bullied because i was gay. I may not understand being bullied because i was black. I may not understand being targeted for hate because i was a man, but what I can understand is that no matter who you are, everyone will be bullied for something. I was bullied for being a little overweight and being different than everyone else because I had big ideas or i didn’t keep up with the new fashion. I know people who were bullied for being too tall, too skinny, too short, too fat, too something because they didn’t fit the stereotype for a “normal” person in today’s society. And isn’t this what it’s all about? Stopping the hate? All we need is equality, and i do not mean, as stated above, that because you are black or white or gay or female, that you should be out onto a pedestal. If you are fighting so hard for this so called “equality” that you want, then why would you put yourselves into these groups, and separate yourselves from society? Why would you want people view you as completely different from themselves, instead of the same? What we as a society need to realize is that everyone is essentially the same, except for a few small details. Yes, I mean small, because although you make it out to seem that being gay or black is some big detail, its really not. Its just a part of who you are, and you are made up of a bunch of interesting little details, not a few big ones. Be proud of who you are, but don’t expect people to put you above themselves.

FIFA World Cup: New Matches; Same Protests

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Just awhile ago, Group E started as Switzerland and Ecuador go head to head in the FIFA World Cup 2014. Later today, the play continues with France and Honduras at 2:00 pm and then again at 5:00 pm with Argentina and Bosnia. Many people predict that Switzerland and Ecuador will give each other a very hard time due to the fact that, if either team loses they will be faced with the fact that they may no longer move up. Some people believe that Switzerland will win this match, not only because they are ranked highest in the group at the moment (6th), but because they qualified at the top of the European table. Winning both matches in the pre-world cup friendlies against Jamaica (1-0) and Peru (2-0). Another reason people may believe the Swiss will when is because Ecuador has lost a key player.

A Recap of Previous Matches

On Thursday June, 12 was the start of the FIFA World Cup with Brazil winning 3-1 against Croatia.
Friday June, 13 Mexico faced Cameroon with Mexico winning 1-0. Later that day Spain and Netherlands went head to head with Netherlands winning by 4 points (1-5) and Chile and Australia with Chile winning 3-1.
On Saturday June, 14 there were 4 different matches: Colombia vs. Greece (3-0), Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (1-3), England vs. Italy (1-2), and last but not least, Cote D’ivoire vs. Japan (2-1).

But with all the exciting matches and games, have we forgotten whats going on behind the scenes? Many people are protesting the games, mainly because the government spent millions of dollars on the arena and everything else, when they could have used that money to help rebuild the cities and just overall help the Brazilian people. But there are people and web sites like Midia Ninja, who’s journalist and reporters are constantly out there with the activists, with their smartphones and cameras capturing everything that is going on in the streets where the games are being held. Although Fifa predicted that this World Cup would leave a legacy in Brazil, many other people completely disagree.

No one believes the World Cup will leave a legacy in Brazil, as Fifa claims,” says Felipe Altenfender of Mídia Ninja.

Although the World Cup itself might not leave a legacy for Brazil, all the protests against it just might. With everything else going on, many people are upset because many people in Brazil who are not in the upper class cannot even get tickets to watch their home team play. Some might not even be able to watch the games on TV. And that reason alone can be very upsetting for them, especially since it is a very soccer oriented country. Activist Danilo Cajazeira agrees stating,

“People are losing their houses, they are losing their lives, and in the end we are not even able to watch the games,
so I think the message is, ‘these are not for you,”