I walk through the forest at a slow pace, taking in the luminescence of this nature. The leaves are already starting to change color, but haven’t began to fall yet. Brilliant sprouts of light reflect the color of leaves, leaving comet-tail like streams of reds, golds, and greens. I’ve never experienced nature quite like this before, so bright and beautiful. I look around and see a lizard scurrying up a tree, its tail flicking from side to side as it sets upon a bird. The feathers fall down and caress my face like a soft, downy pillow. The trees loom above me so high, holding each other tightly together by jagged branches that arch along the sky and seem to also stroke the horizon, as if tucking the sun in to bed. A rabbit walks across a meadow, while a family of deer seem to hop along the tree line on their hind legs. I fall onto the grass and it wavers beneath me, giving in to my weight ever so slightly and rippling out into the trees. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, letting the light warm my face.

“Hellllooooo.” I hear a tiny voice, like a faeries, drifting through my mind.

“Hi.” I whisper, opening my eyes.

“Come with me, your lost.”

I look around, but see no one. Confused, I stand, and a rush of joy overtakes my body when I fell a tiny hand touch my shoulder. A tiny human, no bigger than a chihuahua flits around in front of me holding her hand out. I take it and she leads me towards the woods, and once more I am captivated with it. She brings me to a bonfire, where other tiny humans dance around this fire, singing songs and passing a pipe around. I am amazed at how tall I stand before them, but they seem to not notice at all.

“Hey, she’s back! We thought we lost you; you can’t run around by yourself out here, especially when your high.”