A Very Inspiring Story With Very little Attention

Humans of New York is a very popular blog that gives you a more intimate look into the lives of everyday New Yorkers. Recently the man behind it all has been working with a young man, Vidal, to raise money for his school: Mott Hall Bridges Academy. They have raised over a million dollars in donations so that over the summer the students will be able to take a tour of Harvard University. The principal, Ms. Lopez, has big ideas for her students at this school. Instead of suspending kids for messing up, or just not dealing with the problems in her school she would make them spend a day with a mentor or talk to them about why they are having trouble. Ms. Lopez, Vidal, and all the teachers at Mott Hall Bridges Academy are some of the most inspiring people I have heard of.

Recently, Vidal has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was invited to meet with the president. Since the beginning of this whole project, I have seen very little news coverage on this. I’ve been wondering, why have we not been talking about? This project is a big deal. Anyone who has donated or supported this project in any way is showing these kids that there is more to life than where they are. This project is showing these kids what kind of future they can have, and there is very little media coverage over this.

This project is an example of what we should be covering on the news. Instead of reporting on how some white cop shot a black kid, but we don’t really know if it was self-defense or not because the blackĀ did have a knife but witnesses say that he wasn’t going to harm the cop but were not really sure because he does have record but he really was a good kid and he doesn’t do drugs because people say so but they have picture showing that he did and it was in his bloodstream but he really didn’t ever make trouble.

My point is that instead of showing the bad, we should show the good. The stuff like this project that is giving these kids another chance, things that show how far we’ve come as a society and how far we will eventually go. All of this media coverage is doing nothing but holding us back from moving forward.