Police brutality and abuse of power is a problem. Police brutality and abuse of power against a specific race is also a problem. You know what else is a problem? Its a problem that when an officer approaches you (and you’re black) you automatically assume that they think you’re up to no good, when most of the time they were called out there by someone who thought you were being suspicious. That means that they are doing their job. When you are found actually doing something illegal, and then you resist arrest because you think they only approached you because you are black, THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT ALRIGHT. Racism is still a problem with some people, but it goes both ways. When a police officer asks you what your name is and what you’re doing, just tell them. Why would you resist and get defensive if you’re not doing anything wrong? 

Now, I know some people are going to say something like,”Well, if i’m not doing anything wrong, and they don’t think I’m doing anything, then why did they even come over here?” Well, for starters, it could be completely random, someone could have asked them to stop you, maybe you fit the description of someone caught on camera and they are just making sure. I have been stopped and stared at by the cops, even when I was doing absolutely nothing. Yeah, it made me feel weird and like I was doing something wrong, but when they did stop me and ask me what I was doing, I told them. No problem, no confrontations, everything ended up okay. I had friends who were black that had the same thing happened to them and again they had no problems and no confrontations.

The reality is, cops do abuse their power, but sometimes when something happens, they were provoked. There are two ways, that I can think of, to fix this:

1. All cops should have to wear a camera on their uniforms. and,

2. People should stop acting like the cop is stopping them because of their race or gender, and just comply with the officers questions.

The video in this article shows you that some cops are just doing their job, and even they think the situation is ridiculous.



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