Schools: Keeping us safe or the same?


An ordinary day for a kid in school can be tough. You might think to yourself, “Well, it’s just school. If I did it, so can they.” or, “What can be so bad about school?” Well, i’m here to tell you that its not justĀ school. It’s the place you go everyday from when you’re 5 till you’re 18, and its the place that greatly influences you’re personality, mental and physical health. So, no, its not justĀ anything, its the biggest part of you’re life for twelve years. If you don’t think its a big deal, then you need a wake-up call because if you don’t want our country to go to waste, then we all need to step up and fix our school systems.

Everyday, kids go to school, and in some places, are deprived of their freedom. There are so many rules that our administrators claim are there for our safety, but are just making us go crazy trying to express ourselves. For example, at my previous school, we could not have any “unnatural hair colors”, or body piercings that were not on the ear. Even then you could not have gauges, and your earrings could not be too big, otherwise it was a “distraction” and you would be sent to the principals office and could possibly have In-School Suspension.

Not only can you not express yourself freely, but you also couldn’t wear certain shoes/jewelry because they could be used as weapons and backpacks were not allowed because you could be carrying a weapon inside the bag. Pens, pencils, staplers, hole-punchers, laptops, laptop cases, headbands, necklaces, binders, desks. Why am I listing all these random objects you may ask? Well, when you want to look at it as “trying to keep us safe”, then all these things should be banned from school. Every. Single. One. Of these items could be used as a weapon, or to conceal one.

My point is, we know you’re trying to keep us safe but depriving us of these freedoms and then claiming that its “for our safety” or “preparing us for college” is a bunch of bullshit. At college, your dress can come above the knees, you hair can be neon pink and bright blue, and you can have gauges the size of Texas. You can carry backpacks, purses bigger than a sheet of paper, gym bags, or laptop cases. No teacher at college is going to stop you assuming that because you are wearing a jacket, or have a backpack, you are carrying a weapon unless you give them reason to.

While you may think these rules are good for kids, they are actually bad. Just think about it from our perspective. Our brains are still growing, and that means we need room for creativity and learning, but when you put us in a situation where we have to think the same then there is no room for growing. What good are we as a society, if no one grows mentally? What good are we if we are not changing, and remain stagnant? We are supposed to be teaching our kids to form their own opinion, and be open to change, but our school systems are doing just the opposite by not giving their students the freedom to express themselves.


“Equality For All (Enter race, sex, or sexual orientation here)”

Join hands for peace.

Join hands for peace.

Let me start off by saying this: equality for a group of people, does not mean their social status should be “higher up the ladder” than anyone else. Equality, by definition, means, “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.“; and if you don’t know what equal means, it is when “a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality.” You learn something new everyday!

Now that we got that out of the way, on to the issue. I just read an article about “Straight Pride” and why homosexuals are furious about it. Now i’m not saying every single gay person in the world is angry about this, but the select few who are, shouldn’t be. Many people who are homosexual, feminist, and yes even African Americans, claim to be proud of their orientation, but they also go on to say that their definition of proud is drastically different than whites, males, or people who are straight. Why is it that when you have gay pride you are strong and showing your individuality, but when you’re proud to be straight you’re prejudiced? And what about how black people can say ‘Black Pride’, and it be them overcoming their ancestors past, but white pride is racist and hateful? Tell me why it is that feminists can be proud of themselves for being hateful to men, but men can’t be proud of the sex they were born with? Tell me why in the end of 2014 we have not yet stopped being prejudiced of someone with qualities that they were born with.

I may not understand being bullied because i was gay. I may not understand being bullied because i was black. I may not understand being targeted for hate because i was a man, but what I can understand is that no matter who you are, everyone will be bullied for something. I was bullied for being a little overweight and being different than everyone else because I had big ideas or i didn’t keep up with the new fashion. I know people who were bullied for being too tall, too skinny, too short, too fat, too something because they didn’t fit the stereotype for a “normal” person in today’s society. And isn’t this what it’s all about? Stopping the hate? All we need is equality, and i do not mean, as stated above, that because you are black or white or gay or female, that you should be out onto a pedestal. If you are fighting so hard for this so called “equality” that you want, then why would you put yourselves into these groups, and separate yourselves from society? Why would you want people view you as completely different from themselves, instead of the same? What we as a society need to realize is that everyone is essentially the same, except for a few small details. Yes, I mean small, because although you make it out to seem that being gay or black is some big detail, its really not. Its just a part of who you are, and you are made up of a bunch of interesting little details, not a few big ones. Be proud of who you are, but don’t expect people to put you above themselves.